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    Pakmaya accepts preserving the environment and the human health as a priority in all its production operations. All activities are conducted with outmost environmental awareness and in conformity with current laws, regulations, rules, and principles. Best and newest technologies and methods that will not damage the environment and will enable the most efficient resource utilization are sought and adopted.

    Pakmaya conducts and improves all its environmental activities in line with TS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System. The company’s approach to quality and the environment is supported by internationally valid certificates issued by accredited organisations. While continuing its operations with the principle of continuous improvement in order to preserve the environment, Pakmaya aims to enhance environmental awareness through education and participation both of its employees and partners, and of the community.

    Aiming to make maximum contribution to environmental conservation particularly in the region where it operates, Pakmaya has established wastewater evaporation facilities to improve its biological wastewater treatment system in its three plants, in addition to the existing anaerobic and aerobic units.

    Wastewater Evaporation

    A multi- stage evaporation method is used in the wastewater evaporation facilities. Live steam is fed to the first stage. Evaporated steam from each stage is used as the heating steam for the next one. Thus, the steam is used five times, and the water is evaporated with least energy.

    The evaporation product is a viscous liquid containing valuable nutrients. Approximately 40 percent of the solid contents of the liquid are(?) proteins. It also includes trace elements and some vitamins. Potassium salts in the evaporation product are separated and converted into a feed additive. These additional processes yield a feed additive called vinasse and an organic potassium sulfate fertilizer, in granular form, sought after by farmers for their fields. Thus the wastewater is treated, added value, and is injected back into the economy.

    Pakmaya Evaporation Facilities

    Pakmaya has made a total investment of USD 34.5 million for its evaporation facilities. USD 11 million has been invested in Izmit Kosekoy plant, USD 16.5 million in Duzce Cumayeri plant, and USD 7 million has been invested in Izmir Kemalpasa wastewater evaporation plant.

    With these investments, Pakmaya fulfills its environmental responsibilities, and shows its commitment to the environment by using the latest technologies and methods to prevent damage to the environment.


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