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Toplum ve Çevre

    Pakmaya supports and contributes to the development of education in our country through its social responsibility projects focused on education. Pakmaya and Pak Group companies built total of 16 primary schools, high schools, vocational training centers, and teachers’ centers in Istanbul, Izmit, Izmir, Duzce, Balikesir, and Sivas, all modern educational facilities.

    Pakmaya's Honor List

    Pakmaya and the Pak Group has made many contributions to education. Some of these are;

    Completed Projects

    • Pakmaya Abidin Pak Primary School - Derince, Izmit
    • Pakmaya Huriye Pak Primary School - Derince, Izmit
    • Pakmaya Primary School - Kosekoy, Izmit
    • Pakmaya Muzaffer Incekara Primary School - Arslanbey, Izmit
    • Kocaeli University Kullar Vocational Academy Kartonsan Campus - Kosekoy, Izmit
    • Pakmaya Primary School - Kemalpasa, Izmir
    • Pakmaya Ulku Hizal Anatolian High School - Kemalpasa, Izmir
    • Pakmaya Nimet Pisak Primary School - Cumayeri, Duzce
    • School land donation - Cumayeri, Duzce
    • Pakmaya Teachers’ Center - Cumayeri, Duzce
    • Pakmaya Primary School - Derelitutuncu Koyu, Duzce
    • Kalamis Primary School Auxiliary Building - Kalamis, Istanbul
    • Talatpasa Primary School - Sisli, Istanbul
    • M. Nevzat Pisak Vocational Training Center - Yenibosna, Istanbul
    • Abidin Pak Teachers’ Center - Bahcelievler, Istanbul
    • Mehmet Pisak High School - Sisli, Istanbul
    • Maresal Fevzi Cakmak Pakmaya Primary School - Sisli, Istanbul
    • Abidin Pak Pakmaya Anatolian High School - Edremit, Balikesir
    • Cumhuriyet Universitesi Susehri High School - Susehri, Sivas
    • Husamettin Ziler High School - Sisli, Istanbul
    • Kenan Kaptan Vocational School - Ayvalik, Balikesir
    • Cumayeri Vocational High School - Cumayeri, Düzce
    • Izmit Atatürk Junior High School - Izmit, Kocaeli
    • Kartonsan - Izmit, Kocaeli
    • Basiskele Kartonsan Primary School - Izmit, Kocaeli

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