Working Environment at Pakmaya
Working Environment at Pakmaya

Working Environment at Pakmaya

As a leading brand in the food industry, our goal is to provide equality of opportunity and a working environment where our colleagues are able to develop their talents. All of our HR processes and procedures are designed with this aim in mind, and we support our employees in developing their competencies and skills for their position by providing a wide variety of training opportunities.

Our Employees' Experiences

We believe our colleagues are the best people to tell you about our team spirit, the workflow in the company, and our corporate culture; in short, what it’s like to be a Pakmaya employee. For 50 years, we have been working with the awareness that our most valuable stakeholders and capital are our employees.

Sevgül Tercan

R&D Lead
"For me, Pakmaya is my "work family", where I feel trust and support every new day we step into innovative projects with my team."

Umur Gelincik

Planning Specialist
"When it comes to being from Pakmaya, I think of being a part of the success story of a company that reflects trust and integrity. Thanks to Pakmaya, I gained experience in my career; I gained a versatile perspective by experiencing the dynamics of business life."

İrem Çetinkaya

Accounting Specialist
"It is an honor to work under the roof of this well-established institution that values its employees. Being from Pakmaya is like being a member of the family for me. It is a place where I feel like I have come home from my home."

Halil Tamer

Purchasing Lead
"From the first day, Pakmaya has become not just a workplace, but an institution that makes me feel the warmth of family with its managers who support me in my development in my career journey, make me smile with their good friendships and adopt the sense of belonging."

Esma Topuz

Accounting Specialist
"I am happy to be in Pakmaya, where I feel always by my side, where I work with confidence, value and vision, and I am proud of its fifty years of experience and success, and I feel very lucky."

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