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Fagem : First Bakery Research and Development Center in Turkey! 

Pakmaya established FAGEM, the first “Bakery Research and Development Center” in the private sector in Turkey in 1989. FAGEM hosts a test bakery where our master bakers work on different types of bread, from all regions of the world. FAGEM experts with extensive experience in yeast, flour, dough, and bread making, visit local and international Pakmaya customers at their sites to help solve their problems.

Pakmaya Bakery R&D Center is an expert in bakery product development. The Center works hard to ensure Pakmaya’s top bakery expertise on ingredients, as well as ingredients’ functionalities, interactions and their related processes.

  • Bakery consultancy
  • Bakery workshop and training for international & local customers
  • Bakery ingredients product development
  • Ingredients to develop specifically to your needs
  • Customer support to scale-up newly developed processes to an industrial level, including processes using sourdough
Pakmaya İzmir

PAK BIOMER: Pak Biotechnology Center 

Pakmaya aimed to raise the bar on quality and meet changing customer demands by establishing Pak Biotechnology Center in 1988, in its Izmit Yeast Plant Campus.

Development of new products to respond to the market needs and to provide innovative solutions to local and global customers

  • Close collaboration with national and international universities, research institutes, scientific and technological research councils to lead diverse projects
  • A broad range of laboratory facilities: Analytical research laboratories, application laboratories, test bakery and pilot plants
  • Expertise in multidisciplinary teams in microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, environmental sciences and food technology fields

PUM: Baking Patisserie Applications Center 


PUM, Baking Applications Center aims to add value and offer innovations to the patisserie and bakery industries in order to maximize professional knowledge and mastery.

The Center organizes applied seminars conducted by experts and events attended by celebrities in the field. PUM strives to preserve traditions, as well as implement innovative and creative trends.

" If you want to be aware of our innovations, become a member. "