Our History
Our History

Our History

Foundation of Pakmaya
Our founder Dr. Engin Pak gained long term experience in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical ingredients, after which he decided to start baker’s yeast production in 1972. Pakmaya’s first plant was established in 1973 in Köseköy, İzmit and started its operations.
Dry Yeast Production
Our İzmit plant started to produce dry yeast in addition to fresh yeast.
Initial Exports
Marketing activities were pursued countrywide for promoting the use of industrial yeast in the bakery industry in Turkey. Based on our experiences in the Turkish market, we started exporting to international markets. Our first exports were to Iran, followed by other neighboring countries. Presently our marketing activities include joining global fairs and visiting countries, and we deliver Pakmaya products to over 130 countries on 5 continents.
As Gıda Investment
As Gıda was founded, and bread improvers were included in our product portfolio.
First Treatment Plant
The biological treatment plant we established in our İzmit facility was also the first treatment plant in İzmit.
Second Plant
Our second plant was established in Kemalpaşa, İzmir. We started our operations in İzmir with fresh yeast production.
We established Pak Biotech Center (Pakbiomer) for Research & Development projects to enable continuous improvement in yeast production, reach new markets, and meet the new demand from those markets.
Third Plant
Our third plant in Cumayeri, Düzce started its operations.
Bakery and Pastry Products Research and Development Center (Fagem) was established in our İzmit facilities.
First International Investment: ROMPAK
We transferred the production know-how and experience we gained in Turkey to international markets with the foundation of Rompak in 1998. With Rompak, we started producing for Romania and the European market.
Pakmaya, a Food Brand
With our experience in baker’s yeast, and the trust we inspired in the industry, we expanded our portfolio to include pastry and home consumption products as well as bakery products, and moved forward to become a brand with a portfolio of diverse food products rather than only baker’s yeast.
40th Anniversary
On our 40th Anniversary we opened our Pakmaya Application Center (PUM) in Esentepe, Istanbul to educate bakery and pastry professionals about the correct products to use and the correct methods of production.
OUR R&D Centers
Our R&D Centers, established to conduct research on baker’s yeast and the environment, were accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.
We are Environmentally Conscious
Our İzmir Plant was the runner-up in the Environmental Awards Competition organized by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry.
Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Award
Our İzmit Plant received a Mention in Environmental Investments in the Şehabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards organized by the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce.
The Environment is our Priority
Our İzmit Plant was among the Top 3 winners in the European Environmental Awards Competition organized by REC Turkey, an organization facilitating the debate and formulating public policies about environmental issues in Turkey. Our plant will be representing Turkey in Europe.
Green Dot Industrial Award
Our Düzce Plant received a Green Dot Mention with its ‘Recycling is Winning for the Future Project’, in the Green Dot Industrial Awards organized by ÇEVKO.
Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Award
Our İzmit Plant received a Mention in Environmental Investments in the Şehabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards organized by the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce.
R&D Center First Prize
Our R&D Center received the First Prize among R&D Centers employing 35-60 personnel and the 7th Technology Development Areas and R&D Centers Awards.
Zero Waste Procedure
We were the first company in the Kocaeli province to receive the Zero Waste Certificate among all facilities operating within the scope of the Regulation on Environment Permissions and Licenses, App-2 list.
50th Anniversary
On the journey we have embarked as the Pakmaya Family, we are happy to be present in thousands of bakeries and tens od thousands of kitchens with our extensive product range. We have been growing since 50 years with our joint values which define us.