10,000 Trees on Our 50th Anniversary

Date: 06.02.2024

We have donated 10,000 saplings for the 'Pakmaya Memorial Forest' established in Kilis Yeniyurt Village in commemoration of our 50th anniversary.

Since our establishment, we have prioritized environmental and ecosystem protection in all our production activities. We adhere to existing laws, regulations, and legislation, and we strive to create exemplary and pioneering environmental awareness in all our efforts.

In commemoration of our 50th anniversary, through the TEMA Foundation, we are delighted to contribute to the spread of environmental awareness, the promotion of sustainability, and the reduction of the adverse effects of forest fires in recent years by establishing the Pakmaya Memorial Forest.

We believe that our donation of saplings will contribute to the growth of the natural habitat in Kilis Yeniyurt and will help future generations reach a greener, more livable world. We thank you for being a part of this forest.