Bakery and Pastry R&D Center

FAGEM, founded in İzmit in 1989, is the first private sector “Bakery R&D Center” in Turkey. With our expert and highly experienced staff, we offer our services in bakery, pastry and consumer products to our customers and the private sector.

Our Activities

Each year we welcome lots of representatives from the bakery, pastry and milling industries in our practical workshops and seminars at FAGEM. Our FAGEM experts offer technical support, guidance about new products, and customized solutions for our customers and business partners in various geographies.

Pakmaya Profesyoneller Dünyası

Pakmaya Profesyoneller Dünyası, which we have designed as a meeting point for professionals, is Turkey’s first digital platform for bakery and pastry chefs. We provide important content including detailed information about Pakmaya bakery and pastry products, instructions and areas for their use, recipes with videos and photos, and latest trends in the industry to professionals over this channel.
Discover Profesyoneller Dünyası!

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