Our Environmental and Energy Policy
Our Environmental and Energy Policy

Our Environmental and Energy Policy

Pak Food Production and Marketing Inc., in line with the principles of environmental protection and eco-friendliness, sets out with the priority of being sensitive to the environment and energy resources in the activities we carry out. 

  • Adhering to the established principles and principles for the efficient use of environment and energy, as well as compliance with national and international legal regulations and other obligations,
  • Controlling and reducing possible environmental impacts from the design stage to the end of the life cycle,
  • Preventing environmental pollution and continuously improving environmental and energy performance by monitoring scientific research and technological developments,
  • Implementing projects and practices to reduce energy consumption and monitoring their results,
  • Continuously improving our environmental and energy management system in a manner suitable for the purpose and scale of our organization, documenting it, and communicating it to all employees,
  • Minimizing and recycling waste at the source whenever possible,
  • Contributing to continuous improvement by establishing environmental goals and objectives for the protection of the environment and energy goals to ensure more efficient energy use, and providing the necessary resources,
  • Increasing environmental and energy responsibility awareness for all employees at every level by providing training on environmental and energy efficiency/savings,
  • Preventing pollution at the source,
  • Giving priority to energy performance in design and procurement evaluations,
  • Communicating and sharing information with all stakeholders and relevant parties to improve environmental and energy performance,
  • Committing to preserving natural resources and using energy in the most efficient and effective way as a fundamental policy.