Our Production Plants
Our Production Plants

Our Production Plants

We started our journey producing fresh yeast in 1972 in our first plant in Köseköy, İzmit. Our current operations are conducted in line with international hygiene and quality standards at six facilities. We have four yeast plants, three of which are in Turkey and one that is abroad, as well as one liquid and one powder production plant.

Our Plants

Our Köseköy, İzmit plant, which was established in 1972, produces instant baker’s yeast.
Our plant in Kemalpaşa, İzmir began operations in 1986 and produces dry and fresh yeast.
In 1990, our Cumayeri, Düzce plant was founded. It produces fresh, dry, instant, and deactivated yeast products.
Köseköy - AS Gıda
In 1991, we began producing liquid and powdered products in a plant on the Köseköy, İzmit campus. The plant now produces hundreds of products across 11 different categories including bread mixes, bread additives, bakery products, pudding mixes, powdered desserts, and cake mixes.
Our first plant outside of Turkey was established in Paşcani, Romania in 1998. It produces hundreds of products in various categories including fresh yeast, pudding mixes, bread additives, bread, and bakery mixes.

At Pak Gıda Üretim ve Pazarlama A.Ş, our goal is to always be the best in our industry. You may find details about our Quality and Food Safety programs here.

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Our Environmental Investments

As a company, we view the environment as one of our priorities within the scope of our mission and vision; we continue our activities with a working principle focused on protecting the environment and living ecosystems.
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